For over 20 years, Management Resources Ltd. of NY has provided investigative and legal support to our clients by delivering solid evidence necessary to win their cases. 

We are a full service investigative firm whose principals have over 60 years combined experience with backgrounds in law enforcement, specialized analytical training and advanced educational degrees. 

We believe our success is directly related to our high ethical standards and impeccable integrity.

What makes us unique is our ability to adapt to the needs of every case. As part of the legal team, we collaborate with each client to develop an individualized strategy providing targeted investigative techniques and analytical expertise for the best possible outcome.

The professional networks affiliated with Management Resources provide the ability to conduct investigations worldwide. 

Our areas of specialty include:


Management Resources Ltd. of NY is a full service licensed professional private investigative firm, serving attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and private clients since 1994. Kim Anklin and Bob Rahn are proud recipients of the Investigators of the Year Award presented to them by the Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State and the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association for their work in the field of Wrongful Convictions.

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Management Resources Ltd. of NY provides effective solutions to attorneys, corporations and private clients using a combination of the latest technology and time tested experience. Clients deal directly with the principals of the company to assure they are receiving the best outcome possible for their case.

Civil Investigations

"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something, sometime in your life."

~Winston Churchill

A Civil investigation is essential when someone suffers a loss due to another party's negligence. Civil suits involve a non-criminal legal dispute between two or more parties. They can range from a small claim dispute to a large multi-firm battle. The larger claims are often fought over a long period time since they go through a complicated legal process, and can be full of unpleasant surprises and frustrating delays. We understand this process and the various phases. During each phase our experienced investigators will work directly with your legal team. Civil investigators gather the evidence essential to march towards trial.

Several areas of civil suits include: personal injury, wrongful death, discrimination, false arrest, wrongful conviction, injuries while incarcerated (even if guilty of the crime), and police brutality and misconduct.

Our seasoned Civil Investigation team, comprised of experienced Investigators and Analysts, will work as part of the legal team to seek the highest awards for the damages you have suffered.

Criminal Defense

After you have evoked your rights to remain silent and requested an attorney, the next step is to tell your attorney to call us. Once you have been accused of a crime, a thorough investigation is critical to your defense. 

Whether you are intensely pressured to accept a plea deal or feel you can win at trial, once you are targeted the prosecutors and their investigators will work hard to incarcerate you for the maximum number of years possible.

In cases when there is less than actual innocence we will help uncover mitigating circumstances as part of your legal team for your best possible outcome. If you are innocent, our criminal defense investigators know what is needed to clear your name. Either way, do not let precious years be taken from you.

Criminal Defense Investigators are independent professionals who gather information and evidence for the defense in a criminal case. While the prosecution has many investigators (e.g. police officers, detectives, and prosecution detectives) on staff, most defendants gamble without hiring even one investigator.

A good investigator isn't simply a good locator of information, but someone who excels at creating a rapport with others and getting them to open up. We become a highly valued part of the legal team, who will assist your attorney with case strategy. By doing so, we eliminate the risk that your attorney does not become a potential witness against you.

Wrongful Conviction

The United States makes up only 5% of the world's population, yet we incarcerate 25% of the world's prison population. Does this mean that every person is in fact guilty?

The National Registry of Exonerations updated their findings in March 2015, The total number of 1555 Exonerees collectively served 14,429 years. More than 46% were due to government misconduct, and was highest in homicide cases (60%) and child sex abuse cases (44%).

How does this happen?

For every person who is found guilty by a judge or jury trial, 9 people will take a plea agreement to avoid a harsher sentence. No one knows how many are in fact innocent of the crime for which they will spend precious years of their lives in prison. A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan Law School estimates around 4.1% of death row inmates are innocent.

“The great majority of innocent people who are sentenced to death are never identified and freed," said Samuel Gross, lead author of the study and a University of Michigan Law School professor, in a statement. "The purpose of our study is to account for the innocent defendants who are not exonerated."

If we were to project the study out to the total 2.3 million prison population, more than 90,000 people could be in fact innocent. 

2014 was a record year for releasing the wrongfully convicted according to the Exoneration Report from the University of Michigan with 125 exonerations, one of which was our client, Jonathan Fleming, on April 8, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY. 

A wrongful conviction case starts with a post-conviction investigation whether or not there DNA evidence is available. In fact 75% of exonerations occur without reliable DNA evidence. What remains consistent when examining the successful cases is they are the direct result of the determined investigators and attorneys who will fight for their freedom. 

Management Resources is responding to a record number of inquiries from those who are wrongfully incarcerated and reviewing several cases to assess if there is evidence to investigate further.


"When the investigation ends, advocacy and education can begin."

~ Kim Anklin

During investigations we are not advocates, we are independent and confidential fact-finders. Our goal is to uncover the truth for our clients which doesn't necessarily guarantee a favorable outcome.

To be able to effect change within the system there needs to be dialogue, but the opportunity to speak out doesn't occur until the case is resolved. After the resolution, as advocates for our clients, we are able to reveal issues such as misconduct, false confession, eye witness misidentification, or witness tampering.

Management Resources takes pride in our ability to communicate and educate audiences about the impact of our cases, our client, their family and friends, and, in some instances, the victim who has been denied complete justice. We've had the privilege of speaking to organizations, university students, as well as participate in a documentary about the ramifications of being wrongfully convicted along with our client, Jonathan Fleming who was exonerated on April 8, 2014.

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